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Josha Safari

Founder and CEO

Josha Safari is the Founder and CEO of Safari Training Solutions. He started the company in 2022, because he saw a need for more specialized training in various sales and service industries. In his many years as a salesperson, he has seen the persistent need for continued sales and service training. 


Josha Safari himself has witnessed many sales organizations implementing outdated and ineffective sales strategies that lead to a decline in results over a period of time. He thinks that the sales process should be built around getting the prospect to want to buy a product or service, rather than the salesperson trying to steer the prospect to buy a product or service that may or may not be an ideal fit. Establishing a strong and convincing "What's in it for Me (WIIFM)" on behalf of the prospect is what Josha Safari strives for each and every time. 


Additionally, many sales organizations provide very little to no formal sales and service training to onboarding new employees, and this leads to undesired results for all parties involved. Sales and service does require continued education to sustain long-term success in a rapidly changing workforce. Changing consumer habits and new trends must also be followed by sales and service professionals consistently. Technological advancements are also critical to be aware of, due to competition incorporating into practice to achieve maximum organizational efficiencies. 


Safari Training Solutions specializes in training in over 40 different aspects of sales and service. Some examples include training on effective fact-finding, objection-handling, how to do a proper greeting, and many other components that successful sales and service professionals alike regularly adhere to in the execution of their day-to-day tasks. 


Josha Safari himself has extensive work experience in the insurance, automotive, retail, and commercial business industries. He has won awards for best salesperson in several organizations. His service skills have also been very highly acclaimed, and rewarded. He is presently insurance licensed in Life and Health Insurance, Property/Casualty Insurance, and as an Insurance Adjuster. He is also certified as a Corporate Trainer from the WeTrain Institute in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 


What's in it for you (WIIFY) as a sales and service organization is an Increase in Your Numbers! 


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