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A Human Approach to Data

Safari Training Solutions trains organizations on how to decipher numerical facts from human tendencies, and characteristics. All while making sound decisions that are in the best interest of all participating parties.

Call Planning

This program goes into crafting a process on how to act with regards to targeting the appropriate market while outreaching through the phone. This also involves doing accurate research on the prospects and identifying key indicators for pursuing the right demographics.

Building Trust

Connecting with your prospects is one of
the most crucial elements in sales and service. Rapport building is a paramount part of this process as well. Safari Training Solutions trains on this topic extensively because it is a foundational component to not only executing a transaction, but also to building long-term relationships.

Closing Deals

This program goes into documentation needed to close deals with regard to satisfying legalities, compliance, terms and conditions, and financial considerations between the parties of interest within a transaction.

Buyer Action Beware

This program goes into detail regarding how to observe and notice non-verbal cues during the sales process.
Non-verbal communication provides more context and clues throughout the sales process. Identifying what your prospect is telling you while not being verbal goes a long way in identifying how they are feeling about you, and your company.

Cold Email Communications

This program explains how to craft an enticing, and attention-grabbing message to reach out to potential prospects.

Competition and Market Research

Identifying competitors either locally or online is critical for sustained success. What does your competition offer that you do not, and vice versa? How do you compete with what is reasonable and workable within your marketplace?

Cutting Bait

No sales organization in existence today can be everything to everyone. It is best early within the sales process to identify if a prospect is a good fit or not for whatever your products or services are. This honest approach to the sales process is refreshing, and you will gain respect for your transparency. A sale that cannot be made presently can lead to a sale later.

Creating Value that Exceeds
the Price

This program goes into detail on how to identify opportunities to give back to your customers by giving them more value, instead of competing solely on price. You will have a better understanding of why the lowest bid often does not lead to a conversion to a sale.


The importance of identifying all relevant decision-makers is critical to maximizing time and efficiency within the sales process. This applies to both business-to-business and business-to consumer selling. This topic goes into detail regardinbusiness-to-consumerg best practices.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training

This program gives you the foundation on how to craft a CRM that is appropriate for your business type, and how to integrate workflows that maximize time and efficiency throughout your organization.

Developing a Convincing
What’s in it for me (WIIFM)

Everyone wants to know how doing business
with you will benefit and/or improve their situation, and address what they are missing. This program will help you formulate a WIIFM that is enticing and irresistible to your prospects and customers.

Developing a Convincing
What’s in it for you (WIIFY)

Not only should you prioritize your prospect’s wants and needs, but consider how you benefit from the overall transaction and relationship from said prospect or client; are the rewards solely monetary or are you truly passionate about seeing and making others happy? This program gives information on how this plays a role in your overall motivation to keep you going day-in and day-out.

Follow-Up Methods
That Maximize Time and Effort

We all know as sales professionals that it is not always possible to make a sale either on the first call or meeting. This program introduces processes on how to provide regular timely communication to keep your prospects in the loop, as well as even communicating any potential added value to your sales proposal.

Effective Storytelling

Everyone loves to hear a success story, or a story of how using your said product or service changed their life. This program goes over exactly how to implement elements of storytelling into your sales process, and how to effectively elicit emotion from your prospect at
exactly the right time and place.

Formatting an Irresistible
Sales Proposal

This program goes into detail why you should be giving your prospects reasons to buy, and not to sell them so much. As individuals, we want to buy certain things that highly interest us, and not be sold.

Finding Facts in Sales

You would traditionally refer to this topic as Fact-Finding. While this is the topic that is discussed here, fact-finding is not only exclusive to the beginning of the sales process, but also ongoing beyond the sale. Effective fact-finding shows care and allows you to know more about your prospects not only as a consumer, but as a human being.

Help, (not so much sell)
the Prospect

Like Formatting an Irresistible Sales Proposal, this program lays the groundwork for getting the prospect to allow you to help them. This program is also an expansion of the Building Trust program.

Impactful Communication

This program lays the foundation for understanding verbal and non-verbal communication and serves as an expansion to the Buyer Action Beware program. Sales teams will also learn proper protocol for when the conversation is heading in the wrong direction, and how to get back on track with the prospective buyer, to ensure a smooth meeting.

Listening with Intent

This program further expands on the principles of active listening. Safari Training Solutions provides real-life scenarios in which participants of this program can actively listen to recordings, identify what is being said, and how to proceed through a call. This program
also demonstrates how to conduct an in-person meeting, and how to notice various forms of the prospect’s interactions.

Lead Generation

This program helps develop the understanding of the importance of producing organic leads and buying leads through various vendors online. What works for others may or may not be a viable option for a different organization. This is a program that Safari Training Solutions customizes to fit the needs of a particular organization.


This program goes into the many different forms of marketing and developing a plan for action. Safari Training Solutions builds a custom program for the specific needs of an organization. This program also incorporates various online technical approaches and solutions. Business-to-business and business-to-consumer type organizations will benefit from this program.

Leveraging Technology to Maximizing Efficiency

This program assesses the recent technologies that are being put into practice by innovative organizations in the sales and service space. This program also goes into integrating such innovative technologies, without overwhelming your sales organization’s sales and service teams.


A critical component of any sales process.
This program gives vital information on how to navigate a successful business negotiation, whether your organization deals directly with businesses and/or consumers.

Objection Handling

Objections throughout the sales process should be expected, and inevitably happen. How you prepare for them can make or break the sale. This program sheds light on the do’s and do nots of handling objections.

Product Knowledge

It has been said that it is not about how much you know, but how much you care that a prospect would consider regarding you as a sales professional. However, not knowing enough about what you are selling can be a fatal blow to your chances of being successful in the sales industry. Product knowledge is continuous throughout your career, and so is training for it.

Phone Etiquette

Being successful over the phone requires discipline and cadence. Safari Training Solutions provides an action plan, and a customized process on how to handle inbound call traffic. The goal is to keep your listener hooked and feel compelled to stay on the phone with you.

Prospecting and Outreach

Safari Training Solutions builds a custom program for organizations regarding this topic. This program incorporates aspects of Marketing, Impactful Communications, Call Planning, Qualifying Leads, and Lead Generation programs.

Pipeline Management

This program goes into how to manage sales leads, and to measure their performance. Identifying what is hot and what is cold is key to maximizing sales efforts.

Qualifying Leads

Identifying a target market and determining whether a business or a consumer can afford your products and services is crucial to maximizing company resources. Gathering critical data and information about your prospects is also important. This process tends to be neglected most often in sales.

Relationship Building

Many new sales professionals believe that a relationship with the prospect ends when the sale is made. However, this is a bit of misinformation. New. customers often become your biggest supporters when they are most excited about you. Staying in touch with everyone who bought a product or service from you should lead to a more long-term partnership.

Selling Through Microsoft Teams and Zoom

While this was a must-have during the pandemic, these programs even today still have a relevant purpose in today’s sales
environment. These types of calls primarily serve the purpose of discovery; however, they often go beyond the initial screening call, and eventually business deals do happen on these platforms. Safari Training Solutions trains on best practices while selling online, as well as training on features offered on these programs, to best communicate with your
prospects most effectively.

Sales Psychology

Identifying the prospect’s behavior and tendencies during the sales meeting is critical to navigating a smooth sales process. Also being able to measure how they react to your marketing efforts towards them is critical to collecting accurate data regarding them. Safari
Training Solutions makes this an interactive training topic for sales organizations.

Setting Up Your Customers
for Success

This program is about how your product or service can maximize your new customer’s opportunities for success in a business or personal capacity. Whether you sell business software or a personal vehicle, explaining how they lead to success for the consumer is critical for establishing long-term relationships.

Saying “no” the Right Way

Let’s face it, sometimes some distinct types of businesses and consumers can be more trouble than it is worth to keep them as a part of your organization. Many organizations classify this specific group as detractors. Keeping a running tab on their behaviors and interactions can also predict future behaviors moving forward.

Strategic Planning

Safari Training Solutions provides a customized program for organizations. This incorporates many of the different sales programs into one, outlines paths for successful selling, identifies objectives to achieving sales goals for individuals, and entire sales teams.

Time Management

Safari Training Solutions provides customized training on this critical organizational component. This is helpful for all levels of the corporate ladder. How well time is managed also coincides with the overall success of the organization, and how it impacts the bottom line.

Working with Different Buying Personalities

This program goes into detail regarding how to respond to the different buying personalities you will encounter throughout your career in sales. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to selling because the only way that would even be remotely effective is by having everyone react the same way to the message, and probability-wise that is impossible. This is an interactive training program where participants will learn about different personalities through role-playing, and learn how to customize a sales process, based on who the sales professionals are dealing with.

Tracking Daily Activities

This program gives sales professionals the tools to be able to self-evaluate their sales
efforts and results. An example of this would be an instance of a) how many sales calls were made, b) how many appointments were made, c) how many meetings were held, and d) how many sales were made. There are many other different elements and variables to consider when you are critiquing your overall job performance, and this program explains what else you should look out for.



Understanding Buyer Wants
and Needs

This program demonstrates the importance of why the prospect agreed to either meet with you or have you talk to them over the phone. In terms of wants, developing an understanding of why the prospect may want a particular product or service you sell is critical for obtaining information about the form of marketing they are replying to, and want excites them regarding what you are offering. In terms of needs, identifying what problems need to be addressed is the most
important part of fact-finding when trying to solve the prospect’s issues.



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