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Client Dissatisfaction Management

This program provides informative information concerning the steps and the processes involved in dealing with unhappy clients. It is imperative to learn how to reason with clients, and to listen to their concerns. Your company will learn how to get your relationship with your clients on the right track and build towards a stronger one moving forward.

Diversity and Sensitivity Training

This program brings awareness to the many types of social and workplace issues that employees of all levels of an organization need to consider. Learn how negative individual or overall group behavior can have severe consequences to the organization, and how ongoing training is necessary to foster an inclusive work environment.

Company Core Values

This program will go over company objectives, and how to build core values that are relatable to executives, employees, and clients alike. It is important to evaluate the performance and the execution of the organization’s core values, and what should be modified over time. This is a customizable program through Safari Training Solutions.


This program goes into detail regarding how to train your organization into being empathetic regarding the special needs and  accommodations of your client base. Showing that your organization cares about your client goes a long way in retention efforts. This training also applies to newer and more senior staff members of an organization.

Crisis Management

This program is a continuation of Client Dissatisfaction Management and goes further into necessary protocols when the client has reached a crisis point. Learn how to provide resources and support to your clients when they are on the brink of a catastrophe.

How to Work in Synchronization with Management and
Other Internal Departments

This program goes into detail regarding the processes on how to collaborate with other areas of an organization. Service, sales, and management are at the forefront of what happens internally with clients. Other departments need to be aware of policy and procedures regarding client management.

Integrating Customer Feedback

This program goes further into registering feedback from customers and compiling data relative to star ratings. What are areas that the organization does well with? What could be improved upon? These are questions that need to be addressed to put an action plan into place to improve direction and efficiencies to improve with the client experience.

Saying “no” the Right Way

Face facts, sometimes the client can have unreasonable and unrealistic expectations for the products or services that you offer. Effectively communicating why, you should tell them “No” establishes healthy boundaries between your organization and the client. This program also confronts the reality that a 100% client satisfaction rate is unrealistic, and there will be moments when an organization will need to evaluate the relationship between the client and the organization, while being respectful of the circumstances.

Online Chat Etiquette

This program goes into the basics and essentials of proper etiquette while chatting online. Learn how written language and tone can make an impression on the client, and how they react can be perceived.

Service Competency Skills

This is a customized program offered by Safari Training Solutions. This is also an industry specific service training program.

Product Training

This is a customizable program offered
by Safari Training Solutions. This program teaches the sales processes of specific products and services, relative to a particular industry. Learn areas of competencies required to come across as the sales expert.

Showing Authenticity

This program is an expansion of the Diversity and Sensitivity Training program. This program goes into detail regarding displaying being authentic with co-workers, business partners, and clients. All while displaying honesty and transparency without hurting others.

Telephone Skills

This program goes over proper telephone
operating procedures, and proper professional behaviors to exhibit. This program also incorporates other service topics to teach service teams maximum competencies, while dealing with clients. Scorecards are an emphasis on training on this subject.

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