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What Repeat Customers Want

Repeat customers expect many of the same things as first-time visitors as now they have new expectations from your organization moving forward. As repeat customers, they expect to be treated with loyalty with some type of incentive. This is where a loyalty program should be well-positioned as a means to get the customer in the mindset that they will accomplish something of value.

Repeat customers are more profitable than new or one-off customers. They should receive a more overall exclusive shopping experience. These types of programs include the following:

1. Exclusive content & services. Repeat customers expect to receive exclusive content that is just for them. This might mean special products just for them, VIP services, or training just for repeat customers.

2. Loyalty points, discounts, or other offers. Loyalty programs make the customer feel valued and connected to your brand. This provides the motivation for the customer to purchase more from your company. The same is true for special discounts specifically for your repeat customers. Offering them a special discount or some other type of special offer makes them feel like you appreciate them.

3. A personalized experience. Repeat customers demand a personalized shopping experience. They want to see personal collections suggestions specifically to their style and needs. This might come in the form of a “this item goes well with”, type of suggestion or some other form of curated collection.

4. Excellent personalized customer service. Along the same lines as a personalized shopping experience is the need to offer personalized customer service for repeat buyers. This could be in the form of faster response to their questions, co-browsing with them to help them resolve a problem, or a live chat with them.

Repeat customers expect to be treated with a more personalized experience. You should be more communicative as far as expressing What’s in it for You (WIIFY), in return! That will get your customers coming back for more of what you have to offer presently, and in the future!


Josha Safari

President and CEO

Safari Training Solutions

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